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Trust Me
More Accurate than smart watch

PROS: I compared this product with smart watch Inspire HR and it is more accurate interms of counting steps for 48 hours. I compared both with my Iphone app that I treated as reference & trust it to the point. Though both the devices were way off from the actual count, was more accurate.

It also has heart rate tracker, sleep tracker which are also equally good and decent battery backup.

Ann Freeman
Great health watch!

Purchased this for our son. We have the more expensive brand watches, but didn't want to necessarily spend that money for a teenager. This watch is actually fantastic, especially for the price. It does an excellent job of reporting his BP, heart rate, etc. Definitely recommend overall.

Well worth the price

For the price on this watch, it far surpassed my expectations in functionality. I expected to have to return it but wanted to see how it worked. I won't be returning this, and bought a second for my mother.

2) NOTIFICATIONS: 99% of them come through (for the apps that are supported).

3) APP: The app is great. Granted, it does show tracking for the week/month on Steps, Heartrate, training modes, and Sleep (deep sleep, awake time, and light sleep). However, you cannot go back and reference specific days beyond what it tracks in the app. However there are a lot of options within the app. The ability to set up alarms on the watch (silent alarms, so I can wake up in the morning without a loud ringing in my face) has been great. Overall it has a lot of functionality, but the interface could use an update. Still, most things are pretty easy to figure out, but it would be nice to have a few more options to look into the history tracked on the device.

4) BATTERY: The battery life on this thing is amazing. It's easy to charge and charges quickly, and it gets to about 50% after 3 days of regular use. Keep in mind, I do not use the exercise modes, so those might have a bit more of a drain on it, but I do use the watch pretty heavily.

5) MEMORY: One thing I was worried about was whether it would work away from my phone. Your notifications won't come in if, say, you leave your phone at home. It has to maintain a bluetooth connection, which so far I have no complaints about the range. However, it continues to track your steps, heartrate, sleep, etc regardless of the bluetooth connection. These things do not sync immediately to the app when you hook back up, so make sure to open the app every couple of days and it will pull the data from the watch. And yes, it stores data for almost a week, so that is pretty awesome.

6) COMFORT: I hate things on my wrist, and the only time I notice this is when I'm sleeping (but only because I sleep on the side it's on). Otherwise, the band is surprisingly comfortable and the watch is nice and slim. It also seems to work equally if it's on the wrist or an inch or so up.

7) PEDOMETER: According to my phone, the pedometer is not precise. It's only off by like a handful of steps each day, though, so for all I know it's my phone that's off. Just wanted you to expect there to be some minor discrepancies there. If you are looking for something super precise, you might look into spending more money.

8) SLEEP TRACKING: This feature is usually eerily accurate. Sometimes it's off by a chunk for some reason I can't figure out (probably my fault), but most of the time it's so on point.

9) WATERPROOF: Showered in it once, and it works fine. The only thing I will warn is that, with hot water, it sometimes registers that you are touching the screen when you're not. I took a shower and it ended up tracking me for a workout that I didn't initiate. So I don't recommend doing that. But for swimming and other stuff, it should be fine.

Ryan D McClane
Excellent, especially at this price point

Excellent so far. I got this for my dad after some heart problems to help him keep a closer eye on his heart rate and blood pressure, and it does that very well. The measurements are within a few points of his cuff monitor the doctor gave him, which is impressive. I totally understand privacy concerns mentioned in some reviews regarding the app, but in setting it up temporarily on my phone for him, I was able to skip over every single question and still use the app and the tracker. As far as I can tell you don’t have to give any personal details to use it. The only suggestion I would have improvement would be more watch dial options.

Really nice tracker! Very happy with it!

So far so good, it's been only about a week! I really like this tracker. It's not too bulky, and the strap is very comfortable. I love that it's waterproof (IP68) and not just water resistant. I wear it in the shower, while washing dishes, etc and no issues. There are a bunch of options I can set up in the app, which I like. It was easy to pair with my phone, and has stayed synced since. The battery seems to hold a charge for about 4 days so far before needing to be recharged. I don't really have anything to compare the heart rate and BP readings, but they seem to be consistent. Overall, very pleasantly surprised how much this tracker offers for $30 :)

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