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I really like this product

I really like this product! It has helped me but everyone is different. Note: I did consult with my doctor who said for me to try it.

amy meeker
Great product.

Wow saved me from really bad case of rosacea. Used it in conjunction with silo her soap. Skin all clear now.

sue cowen

Praise the Lord! It works. I used to have rosacea quite badly about 20 years ago. My doctor prescribed an antibiotic ointment that cleared it up but the ointment has dried up and the prescription has expired. I just had a new outbreak and decided to try Prosacea. After only 3 applications it is completely gone--no more redness, stinging, pimples, etc. I am extremely pleased with this product.

It's Worth Trying

I had been managing my rosacea pretty well for a few years with metronidazole (topical), but recently my rosacea got a lot worse. It was spreading further out on my face and I had a lot of bumps, and the metronidazole wasn't helping anymore, so that's why I gave this a try. It really did reduce the redness and soothed all the bumps, and pretty quickly, too. Of course, it didn't magically cure my rosacea, but it dramatically reduced it.

Lisa V. Proulx
The only product I will use for my Rosacea! ♥

Over the years, I have been prescribed medication for my Rosacea from two doctors and a dermatologist, however, nothing has worked like this product.

Give it time, it took about two (2) weeks to fully clear up, but once it did, it was amazing. I have been using this for years and would highly recommend. ♥

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