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Lynsie P.
Does exactly as described

This is a very portable little machine. Comes with a USB cord and instruction book. It does exactly as it describes, it will cool down the area around it a few degrees while adding in a decent amount of humidity. This is a mini-version of a swamp cooler and it does exactly as it should and does it wonderfully! I've used it in my car and it's perfect, I was with some issues because of the AC system of my car (was too powerful) so I placed this and the job is done.

Nicole P

This small air conditioner is very portable with its handle and is light weight which is awesome. Comes with a cable to charge. Has a nice light on inside you can turn on or leave off. Throws nice cool air with a low or high setting and does well in small areas. Does well in a small tent and in a small room. Does well on a table for your work area also. It is very very quiet. It is very easy to use.

Kennetta L Middleton
Portable and Rechargeable.

This product is portable, rechargeable, and can be taken anywhere to stay cool. My daughter used to camp out in her tent She loves it.

for summer camping

This invention is great for hot summer camping. My family went to a campsite without electricity. I was looking around for a wireless fan and found this one. It works well with a solar power bank.
During the night, this breeze is a great relieve for me (note: it is only good for one person, because of the size). Wish it can be bigger though. Giving 5 star was because it help me to fall asleep during hot summer camp night. Or I should suggest not to go camping in a hot summer :)

Juliana Noronha
It works very good in a small space!!

I use it in a small room, on my office. It works very well and last all day. Also It isn't to noise, very light weight to move around and beautiful design.Great product to use on the desk!!

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