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good spy camera

Very easy to set up this little spy camera. Simply download the new app and follow up as per the offered manual. Being small enough it can be hidden anywhere easily. The motion sensor works very well. I am happy with this purchase $45.98 - a great deal! Overall this is a perfect hidden camera. I like it and would recommend it to everyone.

Clear Instructions for an Easy Setup and Easy to Conceal.

Video, picture, and audio work well. It's easy to conceal and fits in the palm of your hand—just over one inch in diameter.

The only reason why I give it four stars instead of five is due to the accompanying app, which appears to have been built for a more generic camera and not this particular device. When trying to set it up in my office to protect my things, I tried connecting the device to a generic wifi network which is not password protected. The app on the other hand requires a password be entered in. For a while I was trying to figure out what to do. After playing around, I found I could type anything into the password box and would work.

Mighty Joe Young
Great little camera...

Ok, based on the reviews I read here I wasn't expecting much however I was pleasantly surprised. It was super easy to connect to my phone- no issues what so ever. It does record audio and the mic is pretty good. The video quality is about an 8 out of 10. Perfect camera for my needs.

Ron Housley
Great company to work with

The Spy Camera Wireless Hidden WiFi Mini Camera turned out to be an amazingly good value!

I am using one permanently plugged into power (standard USB 5w source) and it is instantly available to view on my phone from anywhere.

I have a friend who put one of these in his kitchen and when he got off work at 5 o’clock, he took a look. If his wife was making supper he’d come right home; if not, he’d stop off for a beer!!

But the uses are boundless.

Not only is the picture clear and crisp, not only is it everything that was advertised, but the icing on the cake is that the company’s support (in case you have an issue) is fantastic: they get right back to you until any issue is straightened out!

They’ve been great to do business with!!!!

Sean M Evans
Great Product for the Price

I bought 3 of these cameras to place in three different rooms. I used the same APP for all three cameras. The cameras worked great and the APP is very useful. Definitely would recommend these cameras.

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