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Honoria Bennett
The camera is very high definition

The camera is very high definition, pixel clear,
installation is very simple, plug and play! The
microphone sound effect is also very clear, the
Internet class is too convenient, high praise!

Esther K.
VERY nice webcam, reasonably priced

I think there has 3 important points to buy this product
1. Picture quality
2. Whether to apply our computer program
3. Is the microphone clear?
First of all, the picture quality is undoubted and very clear. My computer system is win7. I consulted the customer service before using the product. The customer service gave me a very detailed answer and instructions. About the microphone, the product has a built-in dual microphone. I didn't find any noisy sound, maybe it's different from person to person?

John Sniadecki
Excellent value, great quality

This is a Great camera to use for live videos on social media. It's worlds better. It really is actually worth the money. The picture is very detailed and clear. Setup on a Windows 7 machine was easy, and we've been using it for Skype videocalls. People on the other end have indicated that the picture quality is good and the sound quality is good.

Nice quality and super easy set up.

Needed this for college. It had to focus automatically really close up for IDs. If you need this camera for this purpose, look no further. It's so awesome. Focuses clear and precise, quickly. I'm using it with an older Compaq laptop. I had to disable the system web cam before this one would work for me. But other than that, it was just plug and play. The mic is fantastic. Thank you!!! I also am very happy with the tripod and that I can place this easily wherever I want. My built in camera on my desktop is just pointed directly at me and I'm not really a fan of that angle but with this camera I was able to set it up to the side of my computer (as shown in the photo) which I much prefer. Also, if I feel like switching between cameras (or having two views at once) that's super easy to do. I'm not very tech savvy so I appreciate how easy this was the set up.

Fidelia Barnes
Use Satisfaction

Use Satisfaction, use for Internet lessons good baby clarity and sound effects
are good, is bought for children lessons so that teachers can see clearly the
microphone pick up the sound clearly no noise no deavy satisfied with a
shopping camera high-definition microphone very good, do not have to plug
into the drive can be used, easy to be satisfied with everyone feel at ease to
buy. The video is clear enough for the exam, the microphone is good and the
sound is normall

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