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Good price and responsive customer service

Great dumbbells for the price and very responsive customer service. Highly recommend!

Grateful to have this during covid

I've really been missing the gym since this whole covid thing began, and with just the occasional long walk I have really been starting to pack on the pounds. I had a terrible time finding weights to buy, even on craigslist. This arrived within a couple weeks of purchasing, and it does exactly what I need it to. I paired it with an adjustable kettlebell, and I'm ready to go. It also helps that I can use these weights for my kettlebell, so that saved me a bunch of money. It's a littler less longer than I thought/was hoping for, and the center piece becomes a little loose with use, but it definitely does what I need it to do. I'll be looking for a few extra 1 inch weight plates I can purchase to add to my dead lifts. Also, I don't know if this helps, but I'm an average build/height female, so it works great for skull crushers, bench press, deadlifts, good mornings, and squats, but it may not be as versatile for a really strong crossfit kind of lifter.

For the price, speed in shipping, and convenience of have 2 varying weight dumbbells and a bench bar, I'm happily giving it 5 stars.

-Reasonable shipping time (couple weeks via Fedex)
-Versatile. & functional
-Able to use weights on my adjustable kettlebell

-Comes in a secure but compact, tiny, and heavy box, making it a little hard to carry inside

good to used

It's very convenient to work out at home. It works just fine. I want people like me who can't go to the gym to know about this product.

multiple uses

Can do different workouts with different weights with this adjustable dumbbells
Yes in some exercises locks get loose with repetitions but its not a problem but it might be for those who want it like non adjustable dumbbells.

Marcy Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbell Set with Case

excellent exactly as advertised. Cast Iron plates which was what i wanted. Handles (bars) have a good grip, Collars hold the weights tightly to bars. a good buy. thanks

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