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Larry B.

First impression: Perfect for capturing song ideas on the fly. Haven’t explored all the features yet but it certainly serves my purpose. Capturing song ideas can be difficult to relate or describe when using paper. Those fleeting “flashes of inspiration” can be lost in the translation. This recorder is pocket size so you can carry it with you for those “moments”. I guess you could also use it for grocery lists, gentle reminders, etc. but what’s the fun in that? Great for catching ambient sounds out I the real world (train sounds, birds, etc. for use in recording.

Love its track mark feature (hardware and software)

Love it. Bought this model for three reasons:
1) Be able to set track marks during recording and be able to quickly rewind to several seconds or minutes before any one of the marks to rehear it again and again
The Windows software (Sound Organizer 2) that comes with the device helps a lot because I can use its interface to move the cursor to anywhere before the track marks I set.
2) Battery powered
Don't like other models that come with built-in rechargeable battery because it means there will be down-time (cannot use it until it is fully charged) occasionally and service time (replace dead battery) eventually. With this model, if the batteries are dead or about to run out, all I need do is to carry two AAA eneloop rechargeable batteries with me.
3) Under $50
Won't hurt that much if I lose it later

This model works

I ordered a 8GB recorder of a different brand, which could in no way connect to my PC. No way of showing in Windows 10 as a file folder. Changed cables, changed ports, read the docs. It just didn't work. I returned it and tried this one. This pen tape only has 4GB of memory, but it works perfectly. No issue connecting to a Windows 10 PC. The computer immediately sees the device as a storage drive. Smart by pen tape to embed the USB connector into the recorder, zero cable to mess with.

So far I recorded 3 hours and over 20 files of audio, and the battery is still showing full. 4GB is plenty of storage. Unless you plan on never clearing the device memory, I don't see the need for more.

Native microphone quality is OK. I also bought a small lavalier microphone and connected it by wire to this device. The quality is nearly studio quality, after running the sound files through a sound editing software to remove background noise.

The interface is intuitive, buttons are where they should be and do what they should do. This is the recorder I was looking for.

At $40 it is the best value in a no frills pocket recorder

Does most everything you need in a pocket voice recorder. It has a good software package in its memory allowing an organized filing for transferring into your computer via a usb A to usb A cable (not supplied). Its good instruction page gets you up and running with a 100 plus "everything that you didn't want to know" available online.

The controls are plainly labled, logical and easily accessed.

Comes with 2 AAA batteries

Nick M
Useful against liars.

It helped in divorce. Because bitches lie about what happened.

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