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This is our first RC buggy and...

My son and I are well into collecting RC cars, but this is our first RC buggy. After more than a week of use, we noticed the following: first off, everything about this RC can either be adjusted or upgraded easily. I was able to re-align slightly the front right wheel of the buggy as I was too OC about it being dead straight, this is something that I had never done before from our previous RC, which is good. The handling is smooth as the suspension is geared soft to my taste. All LEDS on the roof line works and looks good. Average battery life span is around 15-20 minutes on each full charge. Controls are adequately responsive and has no delay. The wheels at the back is actually a usable spare tire, not just there for aesthetics. I have attached photos to better illustrate how the product actually looks like out of the box AND I preferred not to add anymore the supplied decals as the paint job is already lit!

Perfect introduction to hobby grade R/C for beginners!

This R/C is great for beginners to get into hobby grade R/C vehicles. It's got great styling, and decent speed for some real good fun around the lot! It's even got working lights! I like that it comes with 2 sets of batteries labeled pair A and pair B so that you always have a matching pair of batteries to run the car while the other one charges. It's a full RTR that comes with radio, batteries and charger! I also bought the upgrade parts for it which definitely makes this buggy even better! I got these as Christmas gifts for 7-8 year olds, and they're perfect!

Excellent value.

We bought this car for our 13 year old son for Christmas, and he loves it. This car is fast, durable, able to go over a verity of terrain, it has met our expectations plus, now I have to buy one for me.

Brian Martin
So far so good.

My Boys think these are great. I bought a pair of them. Fast, durable, easy to use and a good value. I give them an A

Nicole L
Best RC for the money

My husband purchased this while at the park with our kids watching another "dad" with his RC car. He has purchased others in the past around the 40-50 $ range but this one seems to take a good beating and keeps going. Our young son is into RC cars (thanks YouTube Kids) and now they play like little kids together. The battery life is about 30 mins, thank god it comes with (2) sets. Well worth the money.

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