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Joseph G.
Don't be afraid to try this.

This red set is pretty awesome. I'm midway through my third week and there are still no chips. I have nothing at all to complain about with this product.

Miss Mia
So easy and way better than paying $30 at the nail shop!

This is super simple to use and the colors in this set are beautiful and versatile. My friend had some of this and they looked so good. That was a while back and I had completely forgotten but when I saw them again, I remembered how my daughter said she wanted to try it. Stocking stuffer! I will need to buy nail tips, nail glue and a buffer block to complete the process.

It’s like having your own personal salon at home

I can now have my own personal nail salon in the comfort of my own home. The directions to uses are easy to follow. I really love the colors in the set. The quality of this set is good and I am very happy with it. It is also small enough for me to take it over to my sister’s house. It comes with a small plastic bag which helps hold everything together. Love!

MaShawnda T.
Red very BOLD

Love the colors I did my lil Nieces nails with the and it wasn’t to much

Buy it!!!! You will not regret it!

I’d like to start off by stating I’m obsessed with this kit! The packaging is just like others have posted. I’ve only tried one color so far and that’s the medium red shade (not darkest and not glitter). Oddly, that was the only one not numbered but when on, it’s not a candy apple red. It’s like a coral red (without an orange base). Lucky for me, it’s my fave color to get at salons so I was pleasantly surprised. As for application, it’s SO EASY!!!!!! My only tips are.. make sure step 1 and step 3 polishes go on thin and buff buff buff after step 2. In the pics: picture 1 is after 7 days with no chips and cracks and I’m a stay at home mom and kinda rough on my nails with cleaning and dealing with house stuff. It’s so amazing!!!! In the 2nd picture I posted, one hand wasn’t buffed nearly as much and I put on too thick of a step 3 polish. I then redid my left hand and buffed more (the more you buff out, the smoother it looks after gel polish and more salon look you have). You can see how well it looks and that it’s filed down along edges more. I HIGHLY recommend getting this set. I can’t believe I didn’t buy sooner.

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