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Milagros perez
Love it!!!

My husband loves them... they work perfect for His Electric scooter. So now when he’s going to work he can see the traffic behind him. Great job thanks.

These are great!

These are great! When I first received the package the box was so small I thought how could there be a mirror in here. When I took them out of the box and put them on my bicycle, which was very very easy, they are flexible, I had easily attached, and when I took my bike out for a ride with them, it made all the difference.

Mahesh R
Great for safety!

I am impressed with this product, easy to install. I feel a lot safer seeing my child behind me.

Decent item for a decent price.

This unit would work pretty good with something other than ergonomic handles. It does come out of adjustment kind of easily when riding on somewhat rough surfaces. Would work great for rail trails and is the purpose I purchased it for. For the price of this item, how easiy and quick it is to remove and put on and how often I’ll use it I’m happy. would recommend.

Jason And Amy
Works better than others

Have been having a hard time finding a good mirror for my road bike. Tried spy glasses(!) and one of the mirrors that attaches to the helmet. Neither worked well. This mirror does the job. Stay stable during the ride, decent quality material, easy to install/adjust/move.

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