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Cute little chiminea

This chiminea is well made and has so much character. It was packaged well and had no damage. It is small in size and perfect for the area we want to put it. I did some research on proper clay chiminea care prior to purchasing this. The research said to seal the chiminea, season the clay for a week and get a waterproof cover for it. I applied a water proof sealant to the outside of the chiminea and let it dry for 24 hours. Next, I seasoned the chiminea to get it ready for larger fires by having a small fire that burns for about 1/2 hour long each day for about a week prior to being able to use it regularly. I also added sand to the bottom of it and placed lava rocks on top of the sand to create a nice bed for the wood and kindling to rest on. You don’t want the wood resting or burning against the clay belly or it could crack your chiminea. YouTube has great videos that show proper set up and care.

Jeffrey Gilson
Great little fireplace

works well

Erik Graham

Fantastic little chiminea. It is the perfect size for our small little patio. Seems solid.

Raelin V.
Great piece

Perfect size! Sturdy if handled with care and seasoned properly. Decent heat throw. Carving details could be more pronounced for my taste, but not a deal breaker. Great for smaller spaces.

Christine Schwartz
Loved it

Parents loved this as a gift. Worried it would crack or break during shipping but arrived perfect!

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