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Great smart watch

Im working on staying fit during this pandemic and the closure of gyms. The feature that drew me to this watch is the cool way it charges. You just remove the band on one side and it goes directly into a USB port which eliminates the use for an actual charger or even a specialized one like those used by top brands that end up costing you extra money if the charger gets lost or broken. This is a definite PLUS! The watch features are great! Im able to count steps and measure my heart rate and sleep cycle. It looks nice and slim on my hands and the material is sturdy and this watch is very well made. Other pluses for me is the waterproof feature and the long battery life! It integrates seamlessly with the app as well to give you a great smart watch experience! Love it!

Heather Starks
Perfect in every way

It is easy to use for kid. My 7 years old boy loves it. He wear it everyday. The battery last 6 days after first charge. It shows time and steps. The smartwatch makes my kid walks more, because he wants to increase his steps. I will recommend my friend to get for her kids.

Mariah Stepp
I'm Not A Watch Person

"I wanted a "cheap" watch to count my steps throughout the day, all other fitness watches are too expensive for beginners. This watch does a lot more than I expected and really surprised me. Also it comes with a free app which I downloaded and use every day now. I highly recommend this watch over all others, especially if you are just starting out."

like it

I feel like I'm gaining weight too fast. I need to control my weight and exercise.But it's too much trouble for me to take my mobile phone with me when I exercise, so I can't help it. Let's buy a sports bracelet, and I like this one.The band is small, not heavy to wear on the wrist, and it's very small.

Nicole W.
Great for kids !

it works.It also tells me how I sleep, which is amazing.I also tried it when I was exercising, and it told me exactly what I was doing, and I deliberately tried it in the water, and it was completely undamaged, which means it's waterproof.And the appearance is beautiful, I like it very muchVery powerful watch,touch screen,function is more complete,heart rate measurement super accurate,generous style,watch operation is simple,appearance is also good,

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