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Perfect size for a workday!

I LOVE this item. It does exactly what it’s supposed to! I pump at work, once during prep and another time at lunch. The four bottles are perfect for a work day. I keep the container with the ice pack in the fridge during the day, then the ice really takes over for the long ride home. Ice is long lasting and the insulated bag really works!

Exactly What I Needed

This is a great little cooler bag that fit nicely into my pumping bag. The ice pack stayed cold all day. It even stood the test of a warm car! Used every day for 8 months and held up really well. Highly recommend!


For my daughter, a new Mom!! She likes them.


i was hesitant to buy this strictly because it was one of those will i really use this? type things. but let me just tell you - YES! This was exactly what i never knew i needed in my life lol. it’s so handy & i use it so much more than i realized i would. i took some extra bmilk out just incase we ran out of her pumped bottle & forgot to put it up when we got home & it was still cold & fresh THE NEXT DAY!!! 10\10 recommend.

Must have for nursing moms

This cooler set is absolutely must have for any nursing mother. This fits 4 madela bottles. I have carried philips avent anti colic bottles too in this. It will fit 4, 4 oz philips anti colic bottles. I’m using this to carry breast milk from my work to home. I keep the ice pack in deep freezer overnight and take it to work next morning. I stay at for 7 hours and 2 hours commute. It keeps the milk cool and it never spoiled so far. Sometime when I’m taking my baby for outing, I take one or two bottles of breast milk in this cooler set along with a flask of warm water. I usually keep the bag in the car under the seat and stay well for 3-4 hours. This is very convenient as my baby is very slow eater and she eats from the bottle reasonably faster than the breast. This set is super useful not only working mom but also if you want to give expressed milk sometime when you are out. Highly recommend.

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