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Lauren H.
Great product

My husband bought this recently when he injured his calf muscle and was having a hard time walking. This has helped him tremendously.

C. Eash
Good support

After breaking my fibula, the doctor didn't give me a cast. I could feel the bone shift when I moved my leg. I needed support, so used this in conjunction with a boot. Together, they gave me the support I needed. The neoprene and straps work to give my leg the support without being too bulky. It's very comfortable too. I'll use this until my leg is totally healed.

Jason Koitz
Fantastic for torn calf muscle!

I recently tore my calf snowboarding (it comes with the territory unfortunately sometimes..) and am NOT the type of person who is able to simply take the 4-6 weeks of recoup this requires off from my yoga and cycling practice. So AFTER about 10 days of elevating, intermittent icing, and ibuprofen, I was looking for a brace so I could EASE back into my routine that wasn’t just an ace bandage. This is really a phenomenal brace and helped me get through this. Because it is so easy to get on and off it helped make sure whatever I was using for stability also didn’t aggravate the injury after work outs. As the calf started to heal better I then added in compression sleeves (which I recommend sleeping in during recovery as well a few weeks in) for additional support. Within three weeks I was pretty comfortable even in single leg standing yoga poses thanks to the support of this brace. It really is a great product, glad I made the decision to buy it!

Karen S
Gets the job done

Very comfortable to wear and really helps relieve the discomfort of my strained calf.

Ronnie L Poole
helped cut the pain and swelling the first day

works great

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