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Brenda & Boff
Good to have this around when out for a outing even though it's just for a day

Wonderful to use easy to carry around while out camping and out door hunting

The Truth
Works well, but bulky, and hoses are way too flimsy.

I used this on a 30 mile Clarion river overnight kayaking trip. It worked well, but does take a while to produce any significant volume. My biggest gripe is the overall size and weight of the unit. Although not huge, it takes up a good amount of space in a pack, and the hoses are so soft and flexible that they kink constantly and restrict flow, making a slow pump even more aggravating. The cotton pre-filter also clogs up very quickly and had to be constantly smacked against the water to clear out enough to flow. The quality of the water was perfectly clear and had no taste, so the final product was great. Add some more rigid hoses, and wrap a coffee filter around the entire intake nozzle and it should be a lot better. I give it a solid "OK".


As advertised, would like more info about where to get replacement filters though

Thomas Edeliant

I haven't used mine yet but it definitely seems durable and it is very lightweight. Great for backpacks

Amy S.
Perfect for backpacking!

I have been looking for a water filter system to take on our backpacking trips. Because we are a family of 5, taking a LifeStraw with us just wasn't cutting it. We needed something to filter mass quantities of water, so that we didn't have to pack too much water with us when we backpack. This water purifier pump works amazingly well and filters water quickly! Plus it is very compact, so it fits easily into our backpack without utilizing space. It also weighs less than a pound, so it's perfect for backpacking. I love that this water purifying system can filter directly from any fresh water source and that it comes with a reusable carbon filter that you only need to replace after filtering 3000 liters of water! Besides backpacking, this would be great for emergency survival as well.

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