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Kara Ohlsen
Always love a product that does what it's supposed to!

Carfidant Ultimate Scratch Remover-Black Edition. It Did exactly what I was hoping it would do, as well as what the product details stated it would do. Now I have no more small scratches and my paint looks as if nothing was done to it. There is no color difference! I definitely already have referred a few people to this product, and I get compliments all the time. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase as I received it very quickly which was nice. I will definitely be giving some of there other products a try as well.

Must have for scratches on black painted vehicles!

MUST HAVE! I love it. As you can see my truck was seriously scratched down both sides. This product is amazing. I only did 1 coat so far & am extremely surprised at the quality and immediate resolution. It's a must have for scratch removal. I purchased this brand based off ratings and reviews & I'm glad I did. Please look at my photos for results.

D. M. Edinger
What a difference

So of course I was skeptical but for the price it was worth a try. With a little bit of elbow grease, I cleared up several small scratches and a diminished a few larger ones. I tried where a car scraped against by bumper, with a fair amount of application and buffing it removed 90% of the scuff where you can hardly tell there was any impact. I cant wait to try on a few other areas

Great product, worth a try!

I really like the product! It worked very well and I will likely be purchasing other products from this company soon. It was easy to use. I followed the instructions, though I ignored the suggestion to wear gloves and regretted it because it did stain my fingers and fingernails but came off by the next day. I have a 2004 black car that I just inherited with many scratches it made a big difference and reduced the visibility of all scratches and some lighter scratches disappeared completely. I wish I had taken before and after pictures.

hoon kim
Works Good

I am driving 10 years old Prius that I have decided to drive 3 more years. So I ordered this product to keep my car better looking and clean. I had some scratches on both sides of the front and back bumper over 10 years. As soon as I received it I went down to my garage and applied to my car. It removes most of the scratches and gives you the shine as well. I wish for a larger sponge but luckily I have a few at home I can use. You do not have to apply a large amount, a small amount of the product work well. Try to apply a little by little.

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