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Jack D.
Cat approved

This fountain was easy to setup. At first two of my cats didn’t want anything to do with it so I kept the water bowl next to it so they could use what they were use to. That quickly changed and they’ve adapted well and use it a lot. What I personally like other than my cats are drinking more is the soothing sound of the water falling. Loving the extra filters!! thank you

Tracie M.
My cats & even dogs enjoy using it.

First off I have 5 cats, 2 having urinary issues & needing to be on special & expensive food to keep both healthy & me from making anymore emergency vet visits.
Unfortunately they're both stubborn & won't drink from a traditional water bowl so I needed something asap.
A quick cat water fountain search pulled up these. I liked the size, color options, had a filter because clearly water from a faucet wasn't good enough they needed it fillered too...
Once it came it was super easy to put together taking less than 5 minutes.
As I was filling it up the Gordon Ramsay's of water walked up to sample the goods without so much as turning up a nose. Immediately a win. They drank happily & have continued to do so.
Even my dogs enjoy a good drink in the morning before going out out.

Christina Fox
My Cat Drinks More Water Now!

I've been using this for about two weeks or so with my cat, a 14 year old long-haired cat who was beginning to drink less water. This had me worried he would be more prone to infections, so I purchased this fountain. Initially my cat was skeptical (I also changed his litter the same week from clumping clay to crystals, so he was probably in no mood) but he took to it. He loves the fountain feature and I know he's drinking more water because his face is often wet. Definitely recommend.

David S.
New and improved !

Great fountain! More practical than a previous model I had. Easier assembly and much easier to clean! I love the extra sponge filter that helps the main filter from clogging. My cats love it !

Alexandra Ph.

I’ve purchased several cat water fountains and she seems to like this one best.

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