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Allysson B
Excellent for daily use

Used as part of a trimalleolar break recovery. Compresses well. Enhances comfort and reduces pain. No skin irritation.

H. Parsons
Use it for running twice a week

I love to run but as I've gotten older suffer more and more from pain on the bottom of my foot. I thought I'd give these a go. They're easy to put on, easy to tighten with the straps and when I run I don't suffer from the pain as much. I like them.

Geri C.
Good support by obstructs blood flow to toes

I'm happy with these. I liked the fact that they came as a pair and not individual items. However, my physical therapist felt the compression was not balanced sufficiently for my circulation issues. Would be a great ankle support.

Mrs. A. Wright
Great for us!

This consists of a pair of ankle supports. My husband and I are in our 80's and subject to lots of aches and pains as we go about our daily life. These supports are absolutely marvellous. They are much better than bandages and much easier to apply. Simply slip over the foot then wind the strap round. I do some running and tried these out this afternoon although my ankles were fine. I slipped these on ind my socks and off I went I did a 2.5 mile run with no problems and when I removed the supports I did not have the residual aches I have so often. I like them

Susan B
Looks good

Haven’t tried this for sports injury but my elderly mother has a swollen put one of these on.....fits nice and tight...and she says it has helped with the swelling and pain....
These look well made...not much of a stretch in them..but you do need them tight....
Easy to put on and the two straps help to keep in place...
Black and green in colour.....good value

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