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Unbelievably it works; follow the directions

I have to say that I was skeptical but was thoroughly impressed with the results. I used the kit to fix five chips in three of my cars. I do recommend that you follow the directions closely. I first cleaned the windshield and then put a couple of drops into the tube after it made good contact. Then I screwed in the attachment and left it for about 10 minutes whereby the crack disappeared (acts as a plunger). I then removed the attachment, placed two more drops into the tube and then screwed the attachment back in and left it for a couple more minutes. I removed the apparatus, applied an extra drop and then placed one of the PET sheets over the liquid on the surface. You can wipe up any liquid beyond the sheet using rubbing alcohol. I then parked the car in the sun and left it for about 30 minutes. When I came back, I removed the sheet and found the solution cured. It was easy to remove with the blade provided.

I tried another technique for my second vehicle. I left the car in the garage, and instead of parking the car in the sun, I tried curing the liquid with a UV-lamp. This did not cure the material even after 2 hours. I also tried curing another car in the sun without the sheet, but again it did not cure. I thought that the liquid may have expired, but I again tried it by following the instructions to a "T" and it performed as advertised. Thus, the sun is important I believe due to the wavelength of the initiator in the solution and the film is important I believe to prevent oxygen inhibition, two things I neglected to consider when "venturing on my own". I would definitely buy this product again.

Easy and effective for mechanically inclined people - recommended!

OK - this product is definitely for people who are mechanically inclined,and have done minor car repairs before.
However, given this, it is pretty easy to apply.
We had a small stone chip the windshield and a small star had started to form. Out came this product - assemble frame, pop onto windshield, insert liquid, and then pressurize the chamber and let the liquid penetrate the chip and star area. it needs to be warm, and the liquid needs to be evacuated and re-applied a couple of times. The take off the fram, wipe clean, and put on the plastic UV cure film. Works like charm, fixed the chip and star in no time. Highly recommended.

Not perfect but very effective

I didn't expect an inexpensive product intended for novice users to be perfect in every respect, and this wasn't.
However, with a few adjustments to the application, I was able to successfully repair damage to two windshields.

I had a very small starburst impact on a Camry windshield which was repaired following the included instructions exactly. The dark cracks emanating from the impact divot disappeared. There is only a slight opaque spot noticeable in the center of the impact divot which I could possibly treat with further applications of the product. It's not bothersome, so I won't take time for that.

A slightly larger starburst impact on a Chevy van was more difficult to fix. The van windshield is more vertical than a Camry's, and the repair kit was more difficult to use as a result. The resin didn't easily fall down the application chamber and I found myself using perhaps 10 drops total for a starburst the size of a dime. Eventually the black cracks emanating from the impact divot turned mostly translucent. Only a few very fine hairline crack marks remained.

In order to get the resin to seep into these cracks on a van windshield I needed to adjust the procedure in the following ways:
1 - I used more resin drops - about 10 total
2 - I allowed much more time for the resin to seep in - at least a half-hour
3 - I adjusted the rubber tip on the applicator numerous times, loosening it to allow a little resin to seep out from the chamber and then tightening to apply pressure to the escaped resin.
4 - I used a hair dryer on low setting on the inside of the windshield. As another reviewer has mentioned, this seemed to greatly facilitate the resin seepage into the deep cracks. I would be careful using the hair dryer method, however. As the instructions warn, excess heat could actually spread the crack further. I made sure the rest of the windshield was already warm, conducting the repair on a warm Southern California day. I also touched the glass with my hand to make sure that it wasn't getting too hot.

Overall I am very pleased with the product and highly recommend it.

Baby Cakes
Windshield Star Crack Repair Kit

Well, I fixed the star crack on the windshield of our 1997 Park Ave almost 2 years ago. Wasn't sure whether it would hold up over a long period of time. Now, we have gone through 2 winters without the crack propogating across the windshield. It is still slightly visible, but has not changed in appearance since I did the repair. I'm happy! Saves me the cost of replacing the windshield.

The only negative thing would be the advertising claimed the crack would disappear. It didn't. Still there.

Overall the product works. I would buy again if the need arises.

Russ S.
Very happy with the results

Got a nasty bullseye in my windshield from a stone that sailed out of nowhere. After studying many online reviews (including those of professional glass companies) I concluded my best bet was to repair it myself using Fix-A-Windshield. The results were better than I expected, and I'd say 95% of the damage is invisible now. Most of the time you can't see anything at all, but on sunny days, at certain angles, a few faint lines are visible. From what I understand this is about as good as it gets and on par with any pro job. As others have noted, the kit is of high quality, sturdy, and is sufficient for several repairs. Overall a great product and a great value.

UPDATE: Three years later, I used the kit on another bullseye on another vehicle. The kit was was sitting in a cabinet in my garage, so I was hoping that the resin was still usable after all that time. I was not disappointed, the kit worked as well as new. So I can say for certain that Fix-A-Windshield has at least a three year shelf life. And again, I'm very happy with the results. The instructions really give you a good feel of how use the kit effectively.

Note that this product has been rebranded from "Fix-A-Flat Fix-A-Windshield" to "RainX Fix-A-Windshield." Since Fix-A-Flat and RainX are both owned by Illinois Tool Works, the new product should be the same as the old one.

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