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Used it for the first time, and i see a major difference. I washed my face with regular face wash ( no face scrubs before or after suction) and applied a warm/hot towel on my nose (main focus) for 3 minutes, allowing my pores to open. I then dried my face and hands and proceeded to use the blackhead vacuum. I held my nose with one hand and vacuumed with the other so i can have more control. I vacuumed from bottom to top. I also did my chin area. I will attach pictures of my nose before and after (forgot to take before and after of my chin) overall great product. I suggest not using the highest suction, but the one before that!

alex abreu
It Works Great but be careful

The product works really great. you can see the blackheads, oils, and dead skin in the tip. You should first test out which intensity is right for you. I tried it on 5 and it was a bit much for my skin, ended up with small hickies and had redness in a lot of areas, so next time ill try it on 3. After I was done and washed my face I waited an hour or two for my skin to calm and I could immediately see a difference from before. Id totally recommend this just be careful with the settings and don't leave the suction in one spot just drag it lightly over the skin. Helps a lot too to exfoliate and open up your pores before using this,

A must buy for anyone's pamper routine.

Great quality, I've tried other nose pore cleaners and this one has the strongest suction out of all off them. Be careful when choosing the setting and be sure to not leave it on for too long. This is great for anyone's beauty and care routine it does a great job and keeping my face and pores clean. It comes with an instruction booklet with directions on how to use all the tips and what they do. It look stylish and it's easy to remove and replace tips in seconds. It comes in a nice magnetic box and cleanup is a breeze

* Stylish and sleek design
* Small backlit screen with suction information
*Directions with info on all the tips
*Great pore cleaner
* N/A

Lexy Shauers
Shockingly Effective

Guys, I'm stunned! I was absolutely positive that this was a gimmick, but it isn't! I could cry because I'm so excited! I don't often get zits, but my skin gets blackheads pretty badly. Especially on my nose and chin. What you are seeing are empty pores! I had given up on this a long time ago and just accepted my fate.

My skin is as bad as it gets right bow

To give this a fighting chance, I started by taking a shower so that my pores would be open. I started on my chin. I went all-in using the fitting with the largest opening and the highest suction level. This was probably the most successful area of my face. This is gross, but I could literally see sebum collecting in the top of the fitting.

After that, I switched to the exfoliator fitting and did my nose. I have really small features, so it was kind of hard to get the entire opening of the fitting into my nose without gaps. I think this would be a lot easier if you have more surface area so the vacuum can work as it's intended. I was still able to get most of my nose, but the bridge of my nose is too small for this to work easily. Fortunately, I mostly struggle with blackheads on the sides of my nose so this wasn't too much of an inconvenience.

There were a few stubborn places I had to help the device along by pinching the sebum out a little. This made it easier to vacuum out stubborn pores. I am kicking myself for not taking a before picture, but I honestly didn't expect to see results.

There is a little bit of a learning curve, so I wouldn't recommend using this for the first time before you have to go somewhere. Guess who has a small hickey-looking mark on her forehead. This is a total game changer for me and I hope it helps you too!

Sakti Manikandan
Face feels Fresh :)

This is the 1st time I am using a product like this for black head removal. At first i didnt wanna buy this, but the wife wanted to check it out anyways. so skeptically bought it. On receiving i was totally not into it...
BUT everything changed as soon as i switched on the machine. i read a few of the reviews here and made sure i had washed my face with exfoliating soap.. used it on the chin and was bamboozled... then i had this one black head on the cheek for sometime now... the vaccumm is powerful.. works on the nose curves for witeheads too :)
After cleaning up all the junk from the nozzles... the wife tried it and it worked like peach for her...

1.various size/shape nozzles for various spots on the face.
2. different suction levels for different types of skin and size of black head.

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