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The company has a great commitment to providing quality product to customer’s. This little hand held telescope has a clear view , came with wrist strap and tripod and easy to use . My 11 y/o takes it when on bike rides to view birds and is easily one of her favorite take along items (this is not a toy, my child is artistic and paints and sketches with more detail after viewing with this scope)

Paola Quintero
Get those long shots

As I’m getting more into amateur photography, I’m finding the need for more and more stuff.
This is an excellent add on for any cell phone. It gives an epic zoom and lets you get shots you simply couldn’t get any other way.
It’s compact size let’s you take it with you anywhere, so you have it when you find the perfect shot.

William Kirkpatrick
Perfect Monocular

This is just what I was looking for. It's small enough to take with me on my hikes. The weight is good also for carrying in a backpack. I have small hands and fits in my hand perfectly. The camera attachment worked just fine as does the tripod. It's very easy to focus and use. I can't wait to really put it to the test when we hike Kilimanjaro and then the safari. I absolutely love this monocular!!!

Great for wildlife observation

The monocular works very well for watching wildlife doing it's thing. I like this particular setup since it not only provides clear 40x magnification, but also has a tripod and mount that works well with my phone. This means that I can watch an animal, record it and even share it with fellow enthusiasts all with a single lens. I've even been able to live stream with this, which is a lot of fun. Very clear, very well made and comes with a protective case.

Rashmi Patel
Affordable monocular with best quality

I just got my monocular and too excited to use it even it’s raining and getting dark and I love it. The captured was clear from distance and very handy. The hawk was even pretty clear from far. Best for camping and good for those who planning for outgoing adventure activities. Quality is awesome even without using stand on it yet😉

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