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Karissa B.
Jump Rope Review


Kim M
Accurate, fun and easy to adjust!

I love this jump rope. Its fun and allows my friends and I to compete on who can jump the longest or get the most jumps. It keeps the heart pumping and is so good for you. I'm so glad I bought it!

Jump In

Jump rope has come a long way since the days of just using a swinging rope to jump over. This unit is fairly easy to use as the handles grip and fit nicely in the palms. This counts the the time I jump so it helps to count how many calories I have worked out. This is simply a good buy as one of my exercise equipment.

His Becoming
Thanks for giving me my cardio back.

First, the calorie and jump count automatically gave you all a 4 star but with how doable the rope is and how it doesn't tangle, bumped it to a 5. P.S. I got my rope ahead of time, wish I could give a 6.

A great jump rope with a Smart Counter

I love how this jump rope has both a timer and a counter--this allows me to jump for a fixed length of time without having to check my phone. I usually jump for two minutes every set, and when the time is up the timer will beep to let me know, and then I rest for another minute before beginning another set. Also, it is difficult to keep counting when I am too exhausted from jumping, and I'm glad that the rope counts for me, so I don't have to worry about it. I can keep a very detailed record with these features. Overall this is a nice product, especially during the time of self-quarantine.

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