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Good Quality

I am using it to keep deer out of my yard, The unit is solid and pretty much ready to go when you open it. It has an option to charge the batteries when there isn't much sun, which can be quite often here in Ohio. It also has 4 setting for sound frequency and a fifth one that also adds a flashing strobe light which I like. I will know better when spring comes whether the repellent is stronger than the attraction of my Hosta plants. I am planning on getting one for the front yard as well. Sometimes the deer just come down the street.

Place in the garden for best results

We had squirrels eating our tomatoes. This clearly annoys them, but wasn’t stopping them completely. I’ve moved it into the garden and it seems to be working somewhat better. Time will tell! Also, the noise is audible, so be careful with where you place it.

This device works well. I can see all the flowers now!

I have installed this device in my front yard for about a month a half. Finally I can see my rose flowers!!! Before this device, the deer would come over and ate all the budding flowers and tender leaves. Now you can see all the flowers in the photo. You may need to adjust the mode to see which one works best in your yard initially. So be patient and give it at least a few weeks to make your animal friends learn that this garden is not their cafeteria. The company's customer team is very service -oriented and tries hard to improve their product. And it is very easy to use. The solar powered battery works well too and seems to hold long even during cloudy days. I would recommend this product.

No More cats and skunks

We had problems with cats and skunks around our Yard.
Cats always slept on our car and skunks in our Trash can .
We don’t want to use chemical repellents, so looking forward for something else.
One of my neighbor’s introduced this device and I bought it around 3 weeks ago.
It is small and easy to use.
Just installed in our yard, turned on and put on mode 4 according to the user manual.
It worked! We had no cats and skunks in last 2 weeks.
Thank you Guys

Pretty Good for the value

Cats from the neighborhood have made my fresh fertilized lawn their litter box. I hate it!

This product has worked pretty good. I’m still trying different settings bc sometimes it’s too sensitive and beeps everyone a car drives by 30 yards away.

I’m getting the hang of the settings and trying different frequencies.


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