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Nice dollhouse!

Totally worth it. My daughter loves playing the dollhouse with her little toy friends.

Qi M

Very impressed with this house, its a harder than what I expected! I used half a month to complete it. But I'm really enjoy it and make a lot fun to me. Every part of it is too tiny, must be according the instructions. I print my tiny photo hang on the wall of the bedroom. But I messed up the color of the pool lights and the room lights. This is a challenge for my big hands. I used all my patience. But when I finish it the feeling is awesome. I will recommend it to my friends.

Beatrice Waddell
Thank u.

My daughter love it!!

Good to take as a project

good looking house overall

Makes a great gift for 12 year old kids or elder!

This makes a great gift for 12 old kids. I bought this for my 13-year-old niece and she enjoyed it a lot, it has been more than 10 days that I gifted this to her and she was busy using this toy and building it from then. Initially, I was very doubtful to gift this to her but since I already gifted her all kinds of toys so this time I wanted to gift her a new kind of toy which needs her thinking ability and patience to play with. This first initially took a lot of time to understand but later after reading the instructions manual it got a little easy. It came with all the pieces as showed in the picture and they were all small, adorable, realistic, greatly designed and beautiful. The instruction manual made it a little easy to build the doll. It took about 15 days for my little niece to build this house from scratch and also it took a huge amount of my sister's patience. This assembly consists of a lot of small things and should be careful while building the house since it is very easy to lose the things while building and it looks empty if a major item is missing from the assembly. As mentioned, we need to get the batteries and the glue to assemble the unit. This took a lot of effort to get it built, but it was a great feeling and brought a great experience to my niece after build it. She was feeling awesome and felt very happy. I was very glad that I gifted her this and saw her enjoying my gift. The house also looked very realistic and good. I would recommend this as a gift to anyone who is 12 years or older and looking to keep the kid busy play with the cleverly designed toy. It definitely keeps the kid busy and improves the thinking ability as well.

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