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Arjun P Matta
I was totally wrong about them...

This was my intial feeling"I don't know if this happened to every other lighter.. but the lighter I bought stopped working the second day and i tried charging it and see whether it's working, but no.. it's still not working.. I don't know why.. waste of money" .. but it changed when the product seller sent me an e-mail saying he would was sorry and is sending me a replacement.. this is how the sellers should be.. i greatly appreciate the seller 'SHININGSHOPPING' they definitely deserve respect and my 5 star rating..

Albert C.
Looks prettier then pictured!

This works well, it's heavier but is great looking and easy to use! Battery works long!

Ngoc Thi Nguyen
It turns on by motion.

So, at first I didn't know how to turn it on. When I gave it to my friend, he was trying to figure it out, but then I realized it might be motion-based, and you sorta flick your #wrist and that's how you turn it on.

I swear, I'm pretty certain you can find cheaper brands with cool designs on Wish, but I bought it on Amazon because I have #prime.

A wonder

I enjoy smoking cigarettes, cigars and pipe; my left side has been paralyzed for nineteen years making it difficult to light my tobacco in a breeze. This little wonder uses an electric arc among four poles and has solved my problem. I highly recommend it.

Works great holds a charge and it's looks like art.

This lighter was worth the wait I ordered 1 b4 and the post office stole it I see why. It's got a good weight to it the design is flawless works great was affordable I recommend this lighter and seller😁

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