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Tony Serrano
Five Stars

Received this as a Father's Day gift and I love it. I set it up later that day and works like a charm and is clear. I haven't installed the rear camera yet but it will soon. The mirror is nice and snug over the original mirror and doesn't shift. The camera does not love left to right buts you can move it up and down to get the perfect image. My wife wants one now after seeing mine installed in my SUV.

Great for the price!

It is easy to install, and the price was right. The rearview camera needs a longer cable to install on a pickup truck, but they send it to you for free. Save yourself some time, and do not attempt the installation until you have the correct cable, as you will have to re-do your installation.
Recordings from the rear camera show up in a separate folder.
Also, watch my video to see me get rear-ended
Video quality is not the absolute best, but good enough to see what is happening in traffic, and good enough for insurance purposes. Low light quality is good.

I liked it so much, I purchased a second one for my wife's vehicle.


The camera was delivered very quickly.
They have a link to a video, explaining installation in details - super useful! Just keep in mind, they say there's a uppercase i in the link, whereas it's in fact lowercase L :) But the video is great, it definitely helped me to install the camera.
The wire that the camera is shipped with was too short for my Suburban, but they also included an email address to request an extension. I did that, and it was delivered within a week or so - very nice, thanks a lot!
After that installation went smoothly and quickly. Camera works great, switched to Rear camera when in reverse, all is great!
Very happy with my purchase!

Easy to use, high quality images, great back up camera!

The unit easily and securely mounts to the existing rear-view mirror with nice soft rubber straps. When the display is off, it functions as a standard rear-view mirror, and is even easier to see out of since it is a bit wider than the existing mirror. The map lights under the existing rear-view mirror still function the same. Touch the button on the bottom and the display lights up functioning as a touch screen viewer. The unit comes with an optional back-up camera. I found the backup camera really useful when I am connecting my car to my trailer. I can back right up under the hitch on the first try. I'm very happy with this unit and I would highly recommend it. The video resolution is very clear, and it even works in low light situations. The touch screen works great with just a light touch.

Eleodoro Garza
Five Stars - Love this addition to my car resources

I love the way this mirror gives me more access to my surroundings while also providing the recording ability I was looking for. I really like the fact that it gives you a front and rear view and recording capability.

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