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Carly Swanson
Portable Fitness Trainer for Abdomen

This is a must-have fitness equipment for lazy people. good sore. feels like i am toning my muscles.I can use it anytime! This is a very useful product for those who don't have time to exercise.

Melanie R
Five stars

It's my first time using and stimulator. I use it for muscle stimulation rather than pain relief. So far so good!

simon su
Very exciting and looking forward to shopping.

I am very happy with a shopping trip,because my husband and l feel that my stomach is getting bigger and bigger,l want to buy this and try to go home.l have been using it for two days,but l feel very comfortable.The stomach is not as hard as before,and it may be a little bit worse for a while,Am looking forward to.

Love it

This product is incredible!! I originally bought this for my boyfriend who is not able to go to the gym at this moment. But now I realize that I have to get one for myself. Definitely worth the money.

Shishir Paudel
Great stuff at a bargain

Surprised to see its working . perfectly attached to my skin. I can do it in any position and even sleeping I am exercising. I can feel it's gonna burn my belly fat soon. I have two abs simulator so I don't have to switch to another so it's time saving too.

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