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Zerah A.
Yeah it’s an amazing little flyer.

 My first RC airplane and what a joy to fly !! So manoeuvrable and the range was mind blowing. Really pretty plane too. Word to the wise: do no fly this in winds higher than 6mph ground speed. You have to keep in mind that the speed up in the air is higher. The sad epilogue to the flight after this was taken, the wind took it away in it crashed two corn fields downwind and I couldn’t find it in the tree line. You will love this plane.

Allysson B
Great gift

My son loves it! It has been one of the greatest gift I have ever gave him, and the price is the best. A lot of fun for a cheap price.

Didac T
Great little flyer

This plane flies great. the stablization is awesome. Its just what a plane this size needs. its sturdy and handles crashes great. It pops apart in a crash and i havent broke anything yet and ive crashed about 5 times just playing around. My only complaint and four star review is cause if they used metal gear servos this would be completely indestructible. but i will have to get my own and it will be good.

Irvin cotton
Worth the money

great starter plane, flies well and batteries last for 15 min each

Tam Tam
Better than expected

This plane really flies.

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