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EXCELLENT customer service

I ordered 5 of these for a sanitization box to kill off COVID19 on our mail and small grocery items. The lights are working reliably for a few months now.

Eric A.
Strong Ozone Oder

Works really well. Creates a strong Ozone Odor if you use it in a confined space.
Overall a good product.

DIY 8w UV-C sterilizing box

Excellent uv lamp and works like it suppose too. Fits perfectly in a 18Gal tote for my DIY 8w UV-C sterilizing box.

Ken Deng
Easy to use,very helpful

This uv-c light is exactly what I want.Every time I go home, I put the things I carry with me in the storage box and use the lamp to kill the virus, which makes me feel at ease.
One of the most important reasons why I like this product is that it is plug-in and can be moved anywhere. I purchased it to sterilise my house daily,especially good for the shower room,it would prevent mold growing.
It have a nice feature. when turned on, this gives you about 10 seconds to leave the room or close the box before the light comes on to protect you from the light.
It's worth the money.

Anne Hudon
The lamp consistantly works perfectly

I have this ozone light set up in a box where I use it to clean my masks from any possible COVID-19 germs - It's
also handy for cell, phone, wallet, keys; whatever you need to de-germ. I particularly like the timer; just set your desired time, and walk away.

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