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Darlia K
Efficient, effective, affordable, Handy

My dad is diabetic and I've had issues feeling sick after meals so I bought this to regularly track my blood sugar and see if I can find out what's wrong. The tool doesn't come with batteries but it does come with 50 test strips and about as many needles and the ejector tool so it's got plenty of stuff for the price. Thee meter itself is super fast and easy to use and read. Comes in s nice case and is very covenant to start over again the next use. Looking forward to trying it out every night for a couple weeks and see if it results in any answers regarding my food sensitivities or it may be something else entirely but in the meantime this is a handy monitoring system to have in general and a good price for what it offers especially as it can store several days of data so you can compare. Would recommend to anybody who wants an efficient blood sugar monitor.

Homer T M
Easy to

Very simple to use. You just need 2 AAA Batteries, which luckily I had on hand. Has easy to follow instructions. Comes with lancets and test strips! Definitely Recommend!! Also very affordable!

Leo Difabio
easy to use

The blood sugar meter has been received for several days. It has been measured several times. It is easy to get started and easy to operate. Compared with the previous instrument, the test is accurate and recommended.


What I didn't like at first was it wasn't easy to use but then me and my husband figured it out and I said to each other wow that was so simple all we needed to do was just make sure the machine is off insert the strip and it'll turn right on see how simple that was and very easy then we just let the figure you pitched touch the tip of the strip and automatically it will let you know what you need to know. I really like this glucose machine ITS WORTH THE MONEY. THE ACCURACY IS GREAT ON THE MACHINE. I truly recommend this glucose machine to everyone anyone. It's very simple to use it seems confusing and hard but you have to really read all details and play around with it. YOU WONT REGRET ONCE YOU GOT THE HANG OF IT AND YOU SURELY WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH IT. ITS QUICK USE SAVES ALOT OF TIME.

Handy case and easy to use

It shipped in a little box with the strips. The kit includes the glucometer, the test strips, the finger prick pen and the little stabby things that go in the pen. Read the directions to calibrate. Super easy. The device also comes with a handy little pouch to put it all in. There are elastic bands that hold in the meter and bottle that holds the strips. I would buy again if needed to.

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