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Andrew Pratz
Surprisingly Useful!

I received this as a gift and at first was reluctant to use it, however after a week, I'm sold!!! It really enhances my time with the little one while wrestling with a rambunctious toddler! As any parent can attest, it would be great to have an extra arm for the unexpected juggling that happens day to day. This is the next best thing at this stage of my life.

Jessica Hoffson
Amazing baby product!!!

Hands down most helpful baby product I have ever used. The baby bottle holder really came in handy during mealtime when I needed to help my other child at the dinner table, not to mention feed myself!!! 😉
Also, I have a petite frame so I wasn't quite sure if this would work for me, but it was perfect after I slid the strap down my back a little which positioned the baby bottle holder up a little higher and it was good to go!!! 👌

Martin Richard Hill

REALLY cool product! I use it when bottle feeding our little boy so that I can read to him at the same time as feeding him. My wife loves to use it at the dinner table so that we can all have family meals together. Great packaging/quality too. Winner!

Victoria Vogel
A must-have for all parents & caregivers!

The baby bottle holder makes life easier! What a huge help, especially if you're like me and have more than one child or sometimes work from home. But the best part is having that free hand to caress your child's precious little head and face while they feed. Such an innovative product… should be on every baby registry out there!!

was a gift given to my niece. and she ...

was a gift given to my niece. and she was loving the fact that her husband will be using it more than her.

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