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Sometimes I Use it
fun toy

Got this for son in law, hubby was jealous, so I got him one too. Turns adult males into little kids again. Makes a great gift. Every thing is complete, charge and go.

William G. Bogert
Great fun, lots of features!

I LOVED my tank. I am a 70 yr old who had tons of fun playing with this sturdy tank which was larger and heavier than expected. It even has squeaky noises like the real tanks have when they move. Better to do tank spins on linoleum or concrete. Amazing ability to climb over things!

bob senior
Just love the tank

Arrived in fine shape and works great. Ran it on carpet, grass, cement, wood and tile with no problems. As long as you don't try to overdue it and make fast spinning turns the tracks stay on fine. Easy to use controller. High and low speed in FWD and REV. Good range and long enough play time on single battery charge.

Mama Montana

This is the best deal you can get on any R/C toy.It should be 100.00 dollars but it's only 80 dollars.The batteries last for a long time.Its a very good deal.

Adrianna Troy
Extremely durable, Realistic, Request your frequency if possible, can run 9 tanks at one time!!! ...

A note to future buyers of this RC tank:

My son absolutely loves this RC tank! It's lots of fun and maneuvers very well. Makes realistic tank noises and is a bit loud, builds up to firing... The only thing I wish we knew ahead of time was that it was 27MHz. We have two other RC cars that are the same so now we have three vehicles on the same frequency, which makes it frustrating for everyone to play at the same time. Something to keep in mind when ordering. There are three different frequencies list on the box when it arrives, so maybe you can contact the vendor after you place your order to request a different frequency be sent, if needed. Really cool, on the box it says that you can run up to 9 tanks at once due to the 3 different frequencies and 3 different channels (A,B,C).

Was a great purchase and my son is highly satisfied with how he spent his hard-earned money. Well worth it! I had my doubts about an RC toy being almost $70, but it really is a quality toy and built well. I believe it will last a long time!

Another note, it runs great through grass, dirt, and most any surface--just be forewarned the tank treads picks up all the aforementioned grass, dirt, etc and will release it the next time you run it and all the dirt and grass has dried out--you will want to run it outside and not on your floor :)

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