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Jennifer French
This actually works!

My mother has lived with severe sinus pain for years. For Christmas, I gave her the Sinus Nasal Machine device. Here is what she sent me the other day:
I woke up at 2 AM Tuesday morning with sinus problems around my right eye. I got up and heated an eye mask . This did not seem to help much. I could not sleep. I then went and got the Sinus Nasal Machine.
I laid on my back and circled my right eye then my left. The pressure was gone in minutes. I was able to go to sleep and did not get up till 6 AM!!

I have used this periodically over the past few weeks since the cold weather makes my forehead hurt which is sinus. I found relief each time I have used Sinus Nasal Machine however the incident on Tuesday morning really showed me that Sinus Nasal Machine works.

Tim Gentile
Love this device!

Writing this review on behalf of two users.

My dad, a retired Fire Captain, served 27 years in the fire department. Starting as a young man at a time when protective gear was not what it is today. He has had sinus issues including pressure, pain, congestion. He has not breathed properly, or reliably, through his nose for decades.

As for myself, I survived a building fire many years ago and sustained life threatening internal burns to my nose, throat, and lungs. Since then I have experienced sensitive nasal passages, have limited options for convenient and immediate relief, especially out and about or in the office. Sprays are not an option for me.

My Dad’s reaction to his first treatment.
Me: Hey, how was it?
Dad: I’m confused.
Me: What do you mean? Did you have any issues using it?
Dad: No. I haven’t been breathing through my nose for thirty years. And now I’m confused (he said sarcastically)

He proceeds to breathe in an exaggerated manner, then tests each nostril. It was funny.
And amazing. His device now sits near his spot on the couch.

My reaction: Wow! There were a few spots I expected it to do its thing. Then it targeted an area I didn’t even realize was congested. I did the recommended treatment time, and experienced immediate relief. Within minutes I was taking clear, easy, and wonderfully deep breaths. I didn’t even know what I was missing.

I’m amazed. It’s wonderful to know I can quickly address sinus issues and avoid medication. Love my Sinus Nasal Machine! Plan on taking it with me when I travel.

J. Eckel
Great product! Easy to use, and it really works

This was recommended by my ENT. It does seem to help break up congestion, and relieve sinus pain. Several family members tried it, and all felt it helped.

Mary L Polan, Mary Peterson
works well for recurrent earaches from swimming

As an almost daily swimmer, I began having earaches from sinus congestion. Advised by my doctor, I began using a nose clip and a nasal, fluconazole, spray which helped. Then I bought a Sinus infrared machine to replace the fluconazole spray in hopes I could stop using the spray. It has worked well - easy to use and no more earaches after 2 months using Sinus infrared machine instead of nasal spray.

Love this machine!

Around this time of year my nose will stuff up, especially in the evenings. Sometimes this brings headaches. I'm also a CPAP user, which makes going to bed a challenge when I can't breath through my nose. My Sinus Nasal Machine not only helps with the sinus pain, it makes a lot of the congestion go away. As in, my sinus is socked in, I use the device, I can breath through the nostril. It's not a miracle, there's still some residual, but I can breath regularly again. This is huge. I don't have to take the drugs and deal with the side effects, now I just use this machine for 5 minutes and I'm good to go. Bought one for my allergy suffering son. So excited this product exists!

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