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Arthur Thomas
Great value and comfortable

Impressed with how well it works based on the price. I wish it had less static or wind noise but good amplification. Comfortable and easy to use.

Good product

Bought it for my grandfather. I was worry at the beginning since I had no idea about the product and also if my grandpa gonna like it or not. How ever, after few days using it, he called me to order for him another for his right ear. He said its make a great sound quality and very comfortable.

Joni Bystry
Worth the money.

Lost hearing in left ear. This ear piece is great I just have a small ear and it doesn’t fit in quite enough. I haven’t used it outside the home. Hoping to do that soon

arun joseph sundarraj
Think about elders

My grandmother began to hear poorly. Of course she needed a device, but she refused to wear it. She was shy. And when I found a sympathetic device on Amazon, I immediately showed it to her and she agreed to order. Now she wears it wholly and no one notices. Nice material, without any sharp corners, and most importantly, it is not visible at all - the color was chosen correctly. Our grandmother doesn’t. So I advise you to take care of your loved ones and order it is a convenient and invisible device. Empty enjoy the sounds of the environment!

M. winston

It's a nice product, however not as small as pictured. It does show in the ear.

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