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Mckenzie Meadows
would buy regularly

Really worth Try, it won't disappoint and totally did wonders for me since my eyelashes are naturally very straight.  I'm surprised every morning when I look in the morning and see my curled lashes and so happy with the results!
It's been just over a week and they're still curled as well as the first night I tried it. I decided to replace my eyelash curler with it. so so so pleased…

Stephanie Yates
Definitely recommend purchasing

Was sceptical at first, but absolutely LOVE how well this product works! There's even leftover product to use again.

Ok lashes! Love this kit!

Yes, this works! Yes, I love the results and yes, I will be buying this again.

Short review:
Get you a glass of wine, watch some YouTube videos and read through the instructions before starting. The curl lasts the life of the lash. (Your new lashes will grow out normal but the lifted ones will still be curled) I can go about two months before it’s noticeable that I need to lift the new lashes because my lashes grow fast.

Long review:
I was hesitant to try it at first but I can’t afford to go have my lashes done professionally. I watched a few YouTube videos to see how the kit works and was left feeling like I wasn’t going to be able to do it or that the results weren’t going to be that great. I’m so glad I gave it a try! I don’t know what they were doing wrong because I think it’s pretty easy to use. The hardest part is getting your lashes glued on to the silicone piece (be patient and continue working with them) but I’m not complaining because the glue is lightweight so that removal is easy (and it is super easy to remove, it’s not like eyelash glue, so don’t panic) It’s a little time consuming but I think it’s worth it! With a good mascara it looks like lash extensions.

I use this with the 1000 Hour brow and lash dye and I’m in love with the total results.

M. Cirincione
Finally lashes are back!!

Love this product. This was my first lash lift, and I did it myself!! Okay, here are my will need cotton swabs, the glue isn't the best so I ordered a different brand for next time. Just take your time, use a light up mirror and be patient it is worth it. My eyelashes stopped curling this year, and finally I have my lashes back. I highly recommend this product, if you are hesitating like I did, don't buy a kit right now, I promise it is freaking great!

Actually works!! Worth every penny!

I have really straight but long lashes so I got this kit hoping it would do magic and it did and actually WORKS!! Instead of paying $60-$100 each time at a salon I get to do it on myself for way cheaper! It's a little hard to do it to myself since I have to do 1 eye at a time but after a few tries it gets easier each time. It lasts for about a month until have to do it again. It also can be used multiple times. I've used it at least 5x since I got it.
Overall I'm so happy that I don't have to curl my eyelashes every single day anymore!

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