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Work great

I got these to start some seedlings and use along with a heater pad. I started some earlier without the lights and they didn't do good at all because of the lack of light. Since I got these I started some and put the lights up and major improvement. The seedlings need a lot of light to get started and seem to do the trick.

Great buy and great support from their team.

I bought this product back in May. I have been using it consistently since then and it has been on a timer. The lights worked great! Very lightweight and easy to set up. After months of working, still running smooth. I definitely recommend purchasing this company's products

Good value

I purchased these lamps to start my vegetable garden seedlings. I built a simple stand to suspend the lights using the wires included in the order. They hang level and the electric cords are robust.

I love that I can stand them on their side!

I've had these two hanging grow light panels for just under a week now. I currently have them hanging from the built in closet shelves in a spare bedroom. I use them in tandem, one overhead, and one vertically to the side. I really like that the sides are flat enough that they can be stood up. I have several grow light panels and unfortunately none of them have cords long enough to reach the other side of my shelf and I have no other nearby outlets. A few things need to happen here: my husband needs to build me a more effective plant shelf that is safe from cats and I need a longer power strip. Maybe next year.

Under these lights, I can have 2 flats at a time and I have 3 currently in rotation (2 tomato, 1 pepper). So far the plants are doing really great with these lights. I've used full spectrum grow lights in all but my first year of gardening and with the exception of last year, where I had issues with plant growth stalling, the special lighting really has made a world of difference.

Pamela Robb
Good buy. Two light system.

Easy install. Our seedlings certainly seem to be responding positively even after just a few days. Set up a drip system and we are good to go. A two plug timer made it easy.

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