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Melissa R. Francq
The best thing I’ve ever bought for myself

I have not been able to walk or stand at ALL for several years now for long periods of time. A million doctors and no one has any explanation why. My legs are always so fatigued and sore and feel like cement blocks. I used these the first day and I can’t lie I felt weird. I got super dizzy which I thought was odd but I assume that’s because they got my circulation going for once in a long time. I used them about 3 or 4 times a day for the first 5 days and I am not starting to really see results. First thing I noticed was my swelling was gone. The I noticed I could walk and stand without having to stand up and stand there a few minutes before walking until the pain subsided. The price is great and these really are helping. It helps with my restless leg syndrome also. No doubt the best investment I’ve made. You won’t be disappointed.

Janet Abusaleh
Relieve foot

This massager is really suitable for me. After using this massager, I feel that my feet are not so sore,I like their heating function very much.The massager makes my foot blood circulation better.

Excellent for circulation

Absolutely wonderful product to help with circulation. Would highly recommend!

Air Compression Leg Massager

My brother-in-law loves this product. I will recommend.

Swelling in your legs and feet? This is a must have product!

This leg massager was more than what I expected. I needed something that could relieve the daily swelling and increase circulation in my legs and feet. This product does the trick. I personally suffer from nerve and lymphedema issues from an ankle surgery and this massager helps a lot. Definitely the best purchase for my health.

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