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Kimberly Wilcox
Hours of fun with grandson

These swords arrive and they were all intact. There were no instructions on how to install the batteries. I went to YouTube and quite frankly that was a mistake. I removed all of the screws to take it apart as I watched a video and that was the wrong thing to do. I busted a bulb and after I had it apart, I figured out how to add the batteries. So the next person won't have any issues, on one side you will see a push button which will turn the sword on an off and change the colors. Rotate it 180 degrees to the opposite side, there is a tab with a hole in just above the silver ring from the bottom. It looks like it houses a screw but it does not, push down tab and lift, you will see the battery compartment.
As for the swords they change colors by pushing the button and you can turn the sound on or off. They are made of plastic, so I don't think you want to strike the other sword at full force. I believe these will provide hours of fun. Jw

Scottie Monteiro
Do it, and take them everywhere.

THESE ARE AWESOME! SO FUN! I have seen zero Star Wars movies. Judge me- it's fine. My husband and I played with them and had the best time! These would make great gifts for anyone.

In fact, I believe this would be a fantastic litmus test to find out who you should and should not be friends with. Walk up to a person and hand them one of these. If the person does not, immediately, engage and find this entertaining, then you do not need this person in your life. Immediately, take back your light saber and back away from the person, in all areas of life.

Ms M&M
Laser Love for cheap

My grandson loved these laser swords so much he sleeps with them! Great quality for the price. My son in law bought my granddaughter one at Star Wars at Disney but didn’t get one for him. Well you know that didn’t go over well so I got one for him. Now I am a real hit! But he already likes me! makes grandparenting atotal breeze!!

Great for little Jedi

I thought these were a great price for a light sabers. My boys have had a great time with these in the evenings. We’ve had them for a few weeks now & they’re holding up great. I don’t let them bang them together because they are made of hard plastic & I don’t want them to break. They’re great for imaginative play.

Michelle Read

Better than we hoped. So much fun! The sounds are really great!

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