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Great little gadget

This product is a great little gadget it is a definite improvement on my old one .
I would highly recommend & because it's USB ,no batteries , so much easier just charge it up .

sally wilkinson
Worth the money!!!

Removes large bobbles from my sofa cushions making it look amazing
Used it on clothes to remove the smaller bobbles and works fantastic.

I researched all the bobbles off before ordering and this came up top. Would definitely recommend spending the extra money on a proper one.

Even better it comes with a warranty!

Literally just arrived - used and very happy!

Seems excellent so far!
Well packaged and easy to use. Didn't need to read instructions as very user friendly.
Tried first on some very cheap, very bobbly, joggers on the highest setting. The shaver did a great job, the joggers will never be perfect and will probably re bobble, but this makes them look much better.
But the real triumph, and main reason i bought them was to use on my lululemons. I used on the lowest setting in slow circular movements and they look brand new.
Love that this is rechargeable too - very pleased.

Beep Beep
A little gadget that will rejuvenate your clothes

I bought this as I have several cardigans that have gone 'bobbly' and wanted to see if i could restore them to there new self. i am pleased to say that it does. I set to work and my cardies and its amazing as it takes of the bobbly bits and the cardigans look so much better. very happy.

Best one I've used out of many

Tried out a couple of different lint/bobble removers and non of them actually did the job except for this one! This is a really great item. The use-time between charges is decent enough to get a few very heavily bobbled items done or you could get through loads of jumpers etc that need a light going over. Very user-friendly and actually quite powerful so make sure to follow the guidelines and put your clothing onto a flat surface. It's so rewarding emptying the fluff container too, you'll find yourself saying things like, "Just look at that". Totally satisfying... Probably therapeutic. Can become highly addictive... You'll find yourself scrambling through the household wardrobes searching for items to de-bobble until the battery power audibly fades and gives you that sinking feeling...

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