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Michaela Skuba
I love this thing

I love this thing! It's much smaller than I was expecting, it's only about the size of my hand. But it works just as well as my regular sized one for straightening, and it works better for curling! The heat is just right. The size is perfect for traveling, and it's also dual voltage, so it works in the US and in Europe without a voltage converter. Great product and on time shipping. I would definitely reccomend.

Linda Adams, Author
Cutest straightener ever!

I needed a tiny straightener for my short hair at the front that wouldn't burn me or be too large to maneuver around my bangs. This does the trick! It's perfect for what I needed. It is TINY. Plus it looks like your usual straightener went and had an adorable little baby straightener if you put them next to each other - it's just adorable.

My Favorite Hair Styling Tool

Best travel hair straightener ever! Use it to do my bangs every morning, even when I have my full sized straightener available. I lost it after a vacation and had to scramble to find it again (I found the original and now I have two and it's awesome - leave one at work!)

Mama Bear

I have semi-long straight hair and am a stay home mother of two young children so I don't have a lot of time to style my hair. I bought this because a friend of mine had a similar one that I used when we were together on vacation. This is much smaller than hers but I love it! Heats up fast. Easy to use. Doesn't tangle in my hair or pull my hair out like some of the large flat irons. Compact and can fit in my diaper bag or purse for traveling. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a quick easy fix for straight hair.

Smaller in this case isn't better

I love the portability and its travel size but it doesn't quite live up to its larger counterpart and I didn't expect it to. I have hair down to my waist so it's really not ideal to use on the entire mane but it's great in a pinch when you just want to get at the few fly-away strands of hair.

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