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Choo Choo Love

My daughter loves trains (what kid doesn’t right?)! She is always doing the choo choo sound when we pretend play with the wood train toy set we have. I decided to buy her an electric train (sorry wood train). She was extremely happy with this toy. It is her favorite toy at the moment and she is constantly asking to let’s go ride her train! For the price, the quality is pretty good. It was super easy to assemble and seems durable. Very realistic with the smoke and sound. She loves riding the train at Disneyland and at the nearby regional park we often go to to and this was the next best thing for her to enjoy trains everyday. My daughter loved it so much I bought this for my close friend’s son as a gift and even he loves it and hasn’t stopped playing with it. Highly recommend it for any parents whose kids love trains.

lizzie. Sn
It is cute

Looks exactly like the photo, it is cute toy. It not difficult to build up, however the trains is easy to fail off the rails, I do not know it is my problem or not.

Nice train

My two year old loves this train set, his favorite show is Tomas the train and this makes him so happy. It’s a good set and the quality is pretty good for the price. My son hasn’t destroyed it yet, so I’m rather impressed. It’s pretty easy to set up and my son loves to take it apart and put it back together his own way. I highly recommend this train for any one, young or old.

Almost like a real little train

My little two year old niece loved this train. It was very easy to assemble and it almost feels like a real little train in the house. If you remember Mr. Rogers Neighborhood then you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Cool train that gives off real steam

It’s a really cool train set. The train actually gives off steam when you add water. My kids had no problem putting it together. Besides the train and cars it comes with fake buildings and people that stand up. My son absolutely loves it.

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