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Shane Hann
Great Bike.

Great bike! For the pice this is the best fat tire bike I have found on the internet. Was a bit shaky before purchasing it because I had never bought anything on internet. But after it arrived and assemnbled, it defnitely worth the money.

Awesome deal

This bike is legit for being a cheap fat bike. Weighed in at 35.1 on my scale but after I went tubeless it dropped to about 33.4pbs which is light for a fat bike. I'll ride it for a bit bit wol most likely go to 1x10/11 in the future. If your looking for a great deal to get into fat biking please pick one up

Mark R
Fun bike, excellent color, stylish

Awesome frame; the square tubing on the main long bars makes this bike unique looking and stylish. Excellent color—looks better in person than in the picture. I put on a larger more padded seat. Overall, a fun bike to ride and gets a lot of head turns.

Dustin Mulcahey
Five Stars

Awesome bike! Definitely a great value.

Love it!

Love it!!! Changed handlebars and seat but the bike itself it awesome. Brakes work amazingly well.
Much easier to pedal than I expected. About the same as my old, steel MTB.
I would highly recommend this bike!! Had it assembled by local bike shop. Tech said that three people had wanted to buy it
while it was in their shop awaiting pickup. The color is perfect.
Highly reccommend!!!!!

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