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Rudy E.

This wristlet is PERFECT for a quick diaper bag! I am able to fit 4-5 diapers, travel pack of wipes, my phone, keys, small wallet for ID/cards, and a small toy in this bag. I could not be more pleased! I love being able to quickly grab this to throw in my purse, or being able to toss it into the stroller and not carry around a huge diaper bag! I can leave the bulky diaper bag in the car, and if we have an emergency we can always head to the car.

Ana O.

It was nice

Alina E
Amazing diaper clutch!

Awesome little diaper clutch, love the inner pocket & the fact that you can clip the handle either on both outsides of the bag or on one outside and then the other on the zipper allowing for easier one hand zippage. Perfect size for travel wipes/diapers and expands pretty well to accommodate plenty of necessities!

Jeffrey A.
Better Than Expected

I was impressed with how much room was in the wristlet. It fits in my diaper bag nicely!

I havent filled it with baby items yet since my little one isnt due for a few more weeks but I lo...

I have this in the first lady color scheme. I havent filled it with baby items yet since my little one isnt due for a few more weeks but I love the functionality and look of it. It is very stylish and could probably be used as a wristlet for a night out! I love that its washable and I love the gold details. I hooked the strap on the zipper so you can quickly and easily open and close. I will be putting this in my diaper bag so that I can just grab this and take it to change the baby. Also when I go on little trips this will be perfect for a few diapers and wipes. One thing I was thinking about is how I can fit a changing pad in here. I might just use some of those little disposable ones since they will fit. Overall, a good purchase!

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