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Works on light scratches on car body

There was a bit of scratch on the side of my wife's car. I used these cloths as per the instructions (cleaning, prepping, etc) and the scratches blended away.
The instructions are clear... this is not going to fix something where the scratch is wide and goes down to the underlying metal or plastic. In the case of light scratches, it works really well. Afterwards you may use some wax to bring back some shine to the area as well.

Big Boy
Absolute value for money. Worked like a miracle

When I placed order, I didn't actually believe this stuff would do the job as stated.
I proceeded forward as I wouldn't loose a lot if they don't work.
I tried on my car where there a minor scratches but not paint peal offs.
The minor the scratches, it was easy to erase them. They didn't take more than 20 seconds (like hair line scratches).
Larges scratches took about 30 sec to a minute to vanish.
Based on the experience with the size of scratches I have used them on, I am extremely happy but I don't think they work on larges paint peel offs or scratches.
If you are looking to eliminate minor scratches to make sure the car looks as new as possible, this is the solution you would be looking for.

skidded against a guard

Ok, so i skidded against a guard rail and scuffed the hell out of my black hyundai. I used the cloth on it with the gloves and 90% went away. The deep metal bending grooves it wont be able to get out but the minor scruffs and scrapes, it got out like a charm. I'm very impressed it got off as much as it did.

Patricia Sherman
Good price for quick touch up

I didn't really understand the negative reviews. This takes care of light scratches pretty well - much better than trying to use touch up paint. But if your paint is scratched all the way to the base metal, it's not what this cloth is intended for.


I am shocked. I bought this on a whim thinking it would take care of some of my minor scratches. I never thought it would work this well on paint transfer. Definitely took some time and elbow grease but wow. I am beyond impressed

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