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sally G.
Extremely handy little gadget, a must have in my opinion.

Well, for such a small, and inexpensive gadget, this is amazing.
I have used it as a mist sprayer for my face and feet, and it really is so refreshing, especially in hot temperatures. It really does help cool the body temperature. It is the perfect size to take anywhere with you in your handbag - a must have.
The steamer is also fantastic if you have any blocked pores, or even just to give yourself a little pamper.
It is of a really delicate and attractive design, even including a little gem.
I am even considering a second one - to fill with a disinfectant, to carry around for spraying door handles, steering wheel, and such like. It would be a lot easier than carrying round a big pack of disinfectant wipes in my handbag, also much more convenient!!!

Facial spray

So easy to use and small to carry around making you feel refreshed and clean great for the skin to

Would recommend

Bought two of these love them. They are great quality and open my pores easily. love using them everynight!

nicole martin
Good value

First time I came across this product was whilst I was having lash extensions ......felt absolutely lush.
The girl sent a link and mine arrived the very next day. It’s lovely to use all over your face. Just what you need to keep your face feeling fresh. Fantastic value for what you get.

Rahima Akhtar
Great product

I bought this item for my self and im living it i use it all the time the description is what it is. I would highly recommend this to friends and family.

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