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Sam R.
No More Neck/Shoulder Pain

So this is a little hard to get the hang of at first, but once you do it’s so nice to have at least one hand free. I find it easier on my back and shoulders too! I have a small bust so I found myself leaning exactly like they tell you not to do and this removes the need for me to feel like I need to do that at all! I’m a fan! I always found stacking pillows to be uncomfortable and they move so easy, this stays in place and provides more support for baby!

Relives back/neck pain + nursing hands free

This sling helped my back and neck tremendously! I always suffered from back/neck pain, so being able to bring the baby up to my chest relives pain and allows me to breastfeed hands free!

Jamie K.
Works with bottle feeding too :)

I’m about to start my online job back up at home and bought this so that my 1 month old could safely and comfortably lay on my lap to feed from a bottle instead of the crook of my arm, thus freeing up a hand to still work with. My baby loves laying on it and I am super impressed by the quality of the materials and the durability of the product. It will also be easy to clean and I could see myself using this as a travel pillow on a plane once my baby outgrows it. Instant life saver.

Becky Shinawatra
Breast Feeding Sling

I live this breast feeding sling. I can use it on the go anywhere. Thank you so much 😊.

Marie A. Smith
Effortless nursing & cuddles!!

I received this sling as a Christmas gift for me & my 2 month old baby. I LOVE THIS SLING! I have the strap just loose enough that I can wear it just beyond my shoulder, so that I can reposition it easily when my daughter wants to pull away or needs to be burped. I can keep a burp cloth and pacifier
handy in the zipper pouch. There's another pouch that has a removable pillow for cushion. I might remove it and store an extra blanket in there. The whole thing is very comfortable and cushy for me & for her. After she's done nursing, I pull her up and prop her bottom onto the cushion for easy cuddles. We can cuddle for hours that way without wearing my arms out. immediately had to tell all of my nursing mommy friends about it. I only wish I had it sooner!

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