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Stephanie Hill
Fits most phones and keys

We use this at the office and you can put in your phone and keys and in a short time you have disinfected items. Usually used once a day around here by each emplyee.

Tien Chang
Great product with multi-function!!

I love this product has wireless charging and UV Sanitizer. On the bottom side of the box is a mirror, and it comes with a stand. The UV light can reflect through the mirror and sanitize all around your phone or other stuff. On top of that, the lid is a wireless charger with 10W fast charging. I sanitize my phone while charging my girl friend's phone after we get home. Love this product and keep our phones clean without using alcohol or water to clean every time we get home from the grocery.

Great product for sterilizing small items

Works great. Good for sterilizing small stuffs. Especially helpful during this time.

Jaden S
Great item

Large box can fit multiple items! sterilizing items after work.

Aaron S

The first one arrived didn't turn on but the customer service was great, they sent out a replacement which works as expected. Very well made UV Light Sanitizer Box. I can fit most of my personal effects and the typical things I take out with me, phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses, charging cables, and my face mask.
I like that I can sanitize an item inside the box and simultaneously charge my iPhone with the wireless charger on top. It has a sound indicator to tell you when it has started and then beeps when completed.
This will eventually sit in the hallway when I enter my apartment, this will be used.

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