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Mark J Garcia
Fast delivery

Life saver, we placed this ac in the classroom as we need to keeps windows open. This is really enough and is a really large room

Very efficient and cost effective

Easy to use. Keeps my master bedroom cool with out turning on the house air conditioner.

Amanda P.
Does the job

I can't use regular ac units on my first floor because of the type of windows, so I hunted for an evaporative air cooler.

First, this is extremely quiet which is fantastic. Night and day from a standard ac unit.

It has sleep mode which is super cool... it varies speed which make it feel much more
like a natural cool breeze than a typical ac.

It can be used as a humidifier.

It's light weight and on casters so there's no problem moving it wherever you need it.

Esther Cukelu

Product is amazing I am ready for the summer

Mr. Nice Guy
Works Well and Consumes little Power

While running this unit on the lowest fan speed (still a strong fan speed), it only consumed around 35 watts of power. That's basically 3-4 dollars a month if you supposedly ran this unit 24/7 for 30 days if one were to pay 15 centers per kilowatt hour. It's a pretty good and effective way to cool your room for the amount of power it consumes and does an even better job if you use the given icepacks to cool the water for this unit. Overall, I'm impressed by how effective it is.

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