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Ayleen V.
Your car clean for a great price!!

I used this product to wash my car and loved it!! Highly recommended as it has all functions and pressure you need. Additional items also made my life easier. I cleaned my car in about 15 minutes with high level of detail. Forget to waste excessive amount of water with this product which in the long term pays for itself. Also no waste of time and money in the car wash. Perfect for those who prefer DIY for better results. Worth the money!!

Melissa S.
Very convenient and good quality product!

This is an amazing product! The fact that is battery operated and portable makes it extremely convenient. Easy to use and assembly. Lightweight. It is perfect for car washing, but can definitely be used to clean exterior walls, flooring and other exterior items in general. Water pressure is very good. Packaging is very nice too. Also, comes with microfiber towel and other cleaning tools to assist with the cleaning process. Definitely worth the investment.

James U.
Excellent product and love all accessories

First, let me tell you that I've had many large, gas-powered pressure washers over the years and although they do offer a greater cleaning power (PSI), they are just too bulky to drag them out for regular house cleaning tasks. Of course, I do use them for a few heavy-duty tasks that do require that amount of pressure.

Now, I've had the pressure washer for a few days and I can already tell you that it's a great product for its intended use. It comes in a standard, but excellent condition packaging box and it has a nice carry bag, which I really appreciate it. You can store it in your cabinet without having a mess or loosing accessories, or simply put it on your truck during a trip or wherever you want. It also comes with a user guide booklet, but to be honest, I didn't even look at it. I am use to work with power tools, so it was very intuitive to set it up, but I think anyone could make it work easily in a few minutes, just take into account that you have to charge the battery when you first get it (as any other power tool). It also comes with some accessories to be used when you are washing your vehicle and I have to say that I didn't expect they had that excellent quality, the towel, the mitt, the brush set. Definitely a great plus. The hose is long enough to have good mobility. Note that you do need to have a medium to large bucket with water, if you don't want to run out of it while using the pressure washer. Finally, I love the 6-in-1 nozzle, it makes everything easier, just quickly adjust it to the desired angle depending on your needs and you're ready to go. There are 2 extra individual nozzle tips, but I haven't use them. I think you are covered with the 6-in-1 nozzle.

Overall, a great pressure washer for its cost, voltage and cleaning power for regular cleaning tasks, washing your truck, cleaning your patio, cleaning your house walls, etc. I will still need to see the performance in the long term, but so far so good. I definitely recommend it! I will update this review if needed.

Mike O.
Overall, a GREAT pressure washer for its value!

Excellent purchase! My husband saw a similar pressure washer on tv, and expressed some interest in it, so I decided to buy this product for him based on the price and the accessories included.

I was very impressed with the case that was included. It was very professional and functional. My husband loves this present, and now he washes his car and mine very fast while saving gallons of water due to the multifunction nozzle that is really useful since it has a low water spring to a high pressure pump head. Lastly, the flushing water stream is amazing when used.

Debbie W.
Best gift ever, pressure washer.

This product is so good! It’s super convenient to have a portable pressure washer!
what I liked the most is it comes with a universal hose connector so I can use it with any connection. The battery life is quite good and the pressure nozzle helps me remove mud from my car. It is really compact to transport with sturdy case and wash the car anywhere.

Highly recommended, I'm happy with the purchase.

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