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Worth the money

I threw this on my Range Rover sport and it looks and feels great. Love the feel of a thicker steering wheel, makes driving a little bit more comfortable and you feel like you’re driving a big truck.

Just what I was looking for

Installed on steering wheel of 2015 Silverado 2500. The cover makes for a comfortable grip, it's snug on the wheel & does not move.
I started the top making sure it's centered, then down each side working little at a time until at the bottom. A little effort to get the last bit rolled over the wheel & its good

Great feel and fit for my Truck!

This gray leather steering wheel cover matches my gray interior of my Nissan Frontier truck perfectly, has a very comfortable feel, and feels and looks very durable. It was packaged well and received on time. Thank you!

Brown chicken brown cow
It is surprisingly nice. It covered the deteriorating wheel of my 2004 ...

It is surprisingly nice. It covered the deteriorating wheel of my 2004 350z. Took less than 3 minutes to install. I guess it depends on how big your wheel is to how long it takes but it is still very snug. Wheel feels larger but that isn’t bad. Looks 1000x better. It is obviously a cover if you are inspecting the car, but the trade off is well worth it. That and minimal effort to install.

High quality wheel cover I've bought 3

This is the nicest wheel cover I have ever seen. Super High end feeling. Nice detail with the lacing and stitching.... great tight fit.... I will be buying another one for my truck....
I have noticed a few other reviews are not actual reviews of this cover. The ones with pics show a different cover all together...please make sure the review you are reading is for the cover you are considering. IV HAD MINE INSTALLED FOR OVER 3 MONTHS NOW....NO PROBLEMS.... I LOVE IT!!!

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